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Are you a writer who has become frustrated because you cannot sell what you write? Does everyone tell you how much they love your writing, but nobody is willing to pay you for your content? I know that frustration only too well. I will spend hours researching something, and write about it on my own sites, because nobody wants to pay for content anymore………..yet, content is king! Just ask Google!

Writing For Cash

Why do most companies or people think you should write their content for free? Mostly, because you do! You are so eager to write that you devalue your own content. Writing articles for free all over the internet. Writing your blog posts (like this one) for free. Writing forum posts or making comments on many different forums. Even on eBay, writing content in the form of eBay listings or the guides or reviews on their site is free content. Our blogs that are on blogger or WordPress (and hosted by them) are helping them with free content, that they do not have to write or pay for.

Making Money From Your Content

This came to light to me one day last week when I checked my URL to my Homesteading on the Internet blog that is still on blogger ( I have started a new Homesteading on the Internet on my own site but have not promoted it yet). The owner’s name of course, was not my name. It was blogger’s. Not only that, but most bloggers want to make money writing and turn to blogging. We like to write! Writing content is in demand, as Google makes tough rules for small businesses listing products. They want new content almost daily. I see it over and over on my own websites. And the fact is that most people are not born writers. How to make a living as a writer is a book to read on your Kindle that should give you some ideas on how to get started. You deserve to find those willing to pay for your content. I know I am doing that myself. It makes a big difference because it IS a job! You spend time doing research and writing it. Then you edit it and rewrite it. You are working. Why do it for free all the time? I am realizing I like being paid for writing, mostly because I can do it all the time…….. because it IS my job!


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