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kindle fire

Kindle Fire

I have become an eBook junkie since I got my Kindle Fire last year. I am not kidding! Every day, I load up my Kindle with my new books. Every night, I read until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. It is the one thing I look forward to every evening. Was it always like that? No, it wasn’t. In recent years, my eyes had gotten worse and reading was hard. We generate our own electric in our home, so at night, we turn off our system. That means no lights. Usually we just go to bed. But I wanted to read! I wasn’t tired yet!  My Kindle Fire is back-lit, which means that I can read in the dark, because the screen lights up. The font can be changed from smaller to larger and the pages can be off-white, white or black.Your choice! Whatever suits your eyesight.


Kindle Fire


I have read some good novels on my Kindle. This is an example of how good the writers are, and what is available. There is a genre of books for all tastes and ages in the Kindle Shop. If you do not own a Kindle, you can buy books and read them on your computer by downloading their FREE App. Here are some really good eBooks that I have read and think you may like them too.


The Mine (Northwest Passage) is a book about time travel. I love books about time travel, but really hate it if you get to the end, and find out it is a dream. This eBook did not disappoint me! I loved the ending. I could not put this book down. The main character, Joel Smith, traveled back to a time period I love, the 1940’s, which was my parents’ era. This book combined time travel with romance and friendship. Joel was an interesting character and traveling to this time period changed him, made him a better man.




The Dog That Talked to God is an eBook I bought a few days after my own dog, Nikita died. This book helped me immensely through this tough time. Not because Rufus, the miniature schnauzer died, but because the woman in the story was grieving from losing her husband and son four years earlier. I loved Rufus, who talked to her and gave her advice. Advice from God, who he talked to quite regularly. This was at a time when she was mad at God and needed to talk to him herself. I really enjoyed this book and think you will too.



Hopeless is a novel by Colleen Hoover who has become a favorite author of mine since reading her eBook, Slammed. Hopeless is a story of Sky, a young girl who is discovering life and becoming a woman. Holder is her love interest and he is about as perfect a man as anyone could want or dream about. This book is for a mature reader as there are many sexual scenes, but they are written artfully and realistic.



The Drought

The Drought


The Drought by Lily White is another eBook that I enjoyed. It has mature content though so don’t share it with your teenage children. I love long books and this one was that. This book took place in the south and I love reading books with the southern background and way of life. One thing I especially loved was the way the different people were tied together in various plots. A very good read! Update 2015: This book has mysteriously disappeared from Amazon. The author has written some other books, but this book was very good and I can’t understand why it is gone.



Wanted by Jason Halstead was another of the popular books about zombies and the ending of our world as we know it today. Many of them seem like cookie cutter books with the same story over and over. This eBook I really enjoyed and felt it was different than the rest. Each of the characters were interesting and believable.


All of these books are available in Amazon’s Kindle shop. The links I have posted will take you directly to them, as will the photo of each eBook. I am an affiliate of Amazon, and receive a small commission when you buy the book. It does not add to the cost of the book. Each book is priced by the author and at times may be priced free. That can change the next time you click the link. That is because these links take you directly to Amazon page.


Disclosure: I write this blog based on my experiences of having bought and used the items reviewed here. Some of the links you may click or products I recommend may or may not compensate me for including them in my post. Be sure to read my disclosure page,  if you are concerned about that.





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