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Buying groceries online sounds like such a new concept. It isn’t though. I remember buying our cat and dog food online and Federal Express would deliver it the next day. I shop regularly from Alice and like the convenience of placing an order and it arriving a few days later. Sometimes it comes two days later. I am really pleased with them and their superior customer service. Update 2015: Alice went out of business, unfortunately. I was very disappointed to say the least. I guess they were offering buyers too good a deal and they lost money until they could not keep going.

Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats 24-ounces (Pack of 4)

I have recently bought foods online from Amazon. It may not have the best buy as far as per can or package,  but it was convenient and available. Some varieties of foods are not found in my local store but are available online somewhere. Amazon has a “Subscribe & Save” deal where you order the particular food and subscribe. Then you receive it every so many times a year and you pay less. That is usually their best deal. Update 2015: Amazon now has their Prime Pantry for Prime subscribers. This is a good deal and will help you stock up with the least amount of shipping fees. It sure makes buying groceries online so much easier. You just add them to your pantry box as you need them and when your box is full they will let you know. Then you buy.


It saves money as far as not having to buy gas and drive to town. Not to mention time! Oh boy, buying groceries online is such a time saver for me! Not having to deal with those busy stores. I love to shop from home! Update 2015: This year I have added Walmart to my online shopping list. They will ship to your house for free if you order fifty dollars worth………..well who can shop at Walmart without spending fifty dollars?



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