Grinding Whole Coffee Beans

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Grinding whole coffee beans in a grinder gives your coffee a whole different taste and aroma . We started doing it last year when I purchased this Krups Electric Coffee Bean Grinder from Amazon. It can also be used for grinding spices too, but if you do that, you probably should have one exclusively for coffee beans too. It has a 200-watt motor and will grind about 3 ounces of coffee in 3 seconds. The instructions say that it has a large capacity and can grind 12 cups of coffee, but I am not sure about that. I usually put 3 tablespoons of whole beans in at a time and grind them. Then do that several times to fill a small pint canning jar with the ground coffee. I have not kept track of how many tablespoons I use for each pot. I make the coffee every night before we go to bed, so in the morning it just has to be put on the stove and perked.

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The Krups Coffee Bean Grinder has stainless steel blades and inside. Like I said above, it can be used to grind spices and grains as well as the coffee beans. The lid is designed so it can’t be started without the lid on it for safety reasons. Good thing too! I found it to be easy to use, but I get tired of standing by the counter to use it. I finally got smart and dragged my stool up to the counter so when I use it, I can sit down. You have to press the button down and hold it while it grinds. I would have preferred a on and off switch, but this works.

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Whole Coffee Beans in Krups Grinder.

I never fill it up to the top so I am not positive how that would work. I did not want to ruin my beans, even for this post. I have been purchasing organic beans and the coffee does have a much better flavor. I do not know if that is what the difference is or if it because I am using beans now instead of pre-ground. Many people only grind the beans just before they make the coffee. I don’t do that, because my husband puts the coffee on in the morning when he gets up and is getting our wood stoves going. I am fortunate enough to wake up to the aroma of fresh perked coffee! Yes, I know, I am quite spoiled! Still, Krups says, “In fact, coffee beans lose 40% of their aroma in the few minutes following the grinding process.” So I could be missing out on some of my aroma.


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Fresh Ground Coffee Beans

There you have the fresh ground coffee beans. Now you can grind them finer than I do. I do not use a filter in my coffee pot, just the filter that is part of our coffee pot. I looked at the reviews on Amazon and cannot agree with all of them. I do not see that you have to use a paper filter and I don’t. One reviewer said it was too loud. Of course it is a loud, it is grinding beans for goodness sake! I am not one for loud noise either, but shoot, you are only grinding it for a few seconds. Another reviewer said when you pour it out of the grinder, not every drop of the grounds comes out. That is correct, but for me that is such a trivial matter………though what I do is to wipe it out with my clean finger into the coffee grounds basket on the coffee pot. Mine is usually pretty clean and then I wipe it out with a paper towel. The reason it does that is due to the oil in the coffee beans.


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I recommend the Krups Electric Coffee Bean Grinder. I use it myself and have been very happy with it. It is a good buy and not real expensive. As of this writing it is only $15.99 on Amazon. Buy one and get a bag of organic coffee beans to go with it. I think you will like it.



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