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 Pyramid Toaster

The Pyramid Toaster

Quality cookware is hard to find in most discount stores. U.S.buyers are complaining constantly about products not made in the U.S. Bad quality products coming from other countries, especially China. Of course, if the manufacturers insist on them using inferior materials, it is not the fault of the factory workers. That is a whole other story though. There are some products manufactured right here in the U.S. that is getting some attention though. Buying good quality products that last for years is worth every penny you spend. Get out of Walmart and you will find better made products.

Jacob Bromwell is a company that offers excellent quality cookware with a guarantee that is unheard of anymore. A Lifetime Guarantee! One of things that has drawn me to this company is that they manufacture cookware that is considered old fashioned. For my home, which is powered by an alternative energy system, this type of cookware is essential. Each item is made to last and for me that is most important. Not just the electric products either. They also have cookie sheets, flour sifters, food processors and other items for the homemaker. If you like to cook from scratch these are essential items that you need and you need them to last. You probably would not have to replace them ever.



Easy to use! Just keep an eye on it!

The pyramid toaster is a useful item, even if you are not using it for camping or live in an off-the-grid home. During power outages when the power is off for a period of time, making your toast on a gas stove burner comes in handy. It may not be the same as an electric modern toaster, but uses no electric and the bread is actually toasted and very good.This is what we have used for toast since 1999. I wrote a post about it, Our Off-The-Grid Toaster on my blog, Homesteading on the Internet.



Another quality cookware product I like is Jason Bromwell’s popcorn popper. Most people use these in a fireplace or over a campfire. And that is a good way to use them. I like to use our popcorn popper on our gas stove burner and it works just fine that way. My husband makes our popcorn on our wood cook stove and it comes out perfect! A nice thing to do in the evening for fun. Check out their site and I am sure you will find a lot of items that you thought were gone forever.


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