WindMax HY400 is Working Fine for Us

WindMax HY400

Has been working good for us.

Windmax HY400 was added to our small alternative energy system last summer. I have to laugh at some of the reviews about it on Amazon. Many of the people complain that they have to buy other parts to go with it. Such as the pole, the batteries, even the wires.  I think many people who are new to the alternative energy world, think that when you buy a wind turbine or solar panel, that it just hooks up to their household electric. Not at all! It means you have a component that goes with other components to build your system. It is just one part of it. Some of the reviewers had problems with it, but we have not had those problems.

WindMax HY400

Wind Turbine in winter

The WindMax HY400 has been generating power for us at night. My husband really likes that. It gets very windy around here at times, and now when the sun is not out, we still have power coming in to charge our batteries. It did take some work to build the tower and put the whole thing together. I am not saying it was easy. You have to do some research, and learn before you do this. It can be done. My husband designed our tower so it can be brought down to the ground, if he needs to work on the turbine itself.

WindMax HY400

Turbine ready to be installed….FINALLY!

I know something could happen to the WindMax HY400 up there in the sky. My husband has taken all the precautions advised. Such as grounding it, in case of a storm. It is held up with guide wires to keep it sturdy. The tower is made of a heavy gauge pipe. The blades are made of plastic. If they broke, I am sure my husband would find a replacement for the blades. It is not like this turbine cost us thousands of dollars. It sells for less than a thousand on Amazon and other places. If you do not want to have to repair it, hire a certified installer to do it for you. Then if something happens, he will fix it for you.

Raising the Wind Turbine

Raising the Wind Turbine!

Putting up solar panels or wind turbines is not like having a hobby. These items generate electricity and they can kill you or someone else by electrocution or cause a fire. It is crucial that you know what you are doing or get expert help. Our system is small and has been built one component at a time, little by little. Another thing I would caution you about is putting a wind turbine on a roof or building. It is not a good idea. Our turbine pole stands alone, clearly some distance away from our barn. Turbines cause vibrations that may harm your building or roof. So be careful about that. There are many different brands of wind turbines besides the WindMax HY400. If you check on YouTube, there are videos on how to install and use them. So do your research before taking on this project!

Guide Wires Attached to turbine

You can see the guide wires here.


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